Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not so daily life

As I've been coping with a faint bout of homesickness by online browsing and looking at pictures of corgis, I realize that there are many things in my life here that are not so normal to my description of a day. This is a counter to my last post and these are just a few things that have made the past few days much more… amusing.

James Bond. It is a Smith Thanksgiving tradition to see new James Bond films when they come out. Since they'll be mourning the loss of my presence this year, I saw it before all of them and rubbed it (respectfully) in their faces.
Election night at the Intercontinental. The Ambassador was more than generous to invite our group to the swanky hotel and be in a crowd of other Americans as we watched the results being tallied. Also, to continue the college student stereotype we promptly took advantage of as much free food as we could.
The weather. I got sunburned and dehydrated on November 17. I can still feel heat radiating off of my shoulders. It would surely melt the snow they have back in the States.
The wedding. Last Saturday my family celebrated a wedding. I had little clue as to why my older sister came into town and why people were running around with bobby pins until I saw the bride step out of my sister's room. I quickly finished breakfast and tried to stay out of the way as the embodiment of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" came alive in my home.
Nicaragua. On our last getaway out of the country we took a quick trip to Nicaragua. We made haste by visiting an active volcano, an adorable colonial town, lake Managua, and the largest market in Central America. Then caught our breath after getting across the border. 

Official goodbye-hello countdown: four weeks from tomorrow!

Also, if you're interested in other Calvin off campus programs or want to see other student's experiences don't forget to check out my friend, Erin Smith's blog on her semester in Hungary! She has fantastic pictures and is an English major so her syntax is spectacular. 

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  1. I chuckled when I read about the corgi pictures.
    I melted into happiness when I read your promotion of my random musings.
    Love you, Smith 2.